As of September 22, the international audience of Instagram users hit 400 million. This audience is comprised of social media users who share over 70 million photos a day, and the average follower has a 58 times higher engagement rate on Instagram than on Facebook, and 120 times higher than on Twitter.

If you’re looking to utilize Instagram for your brand, but are struggling to translate engagement into profit, take a closer look at what makes a post inspire likes, comments, and purchases.

Everywhere you look on Instagram, pictures of name-brand clothes and beauty products receive hundreds of thousands of likes, with users commenting to express their opinions and even intent to purchase. Instagram is a platform where content inspires consistent and effective engagement with users — the trick is to figure out how to present your content to produce results.

Create Images that Inspire

The photos posted to Instagram have the potential to compel your customers to engage with your material and potentially buy your product, but first the picture has to catch the consumer’s attention. Instagram marketing is less about portraying a product to communicate accurate dimensions, details, and functionality, and more about portraying an emotion or experience.

Fashion companies make posts that project their individual brand’s image, which inspires customers to engage with photos of clothes or beauty products, and even continue on to the brand’s site to buy the products. One brand that has found particular success with Instagram marketing is Forever 21 — with 7.9 million followers, the affordable fashion brand is one of the most popular on Instagram. Instagram targets a young audience with editorial-style content, combining posts of models wearing the newest arrivals, quotes, flash sales, and featured bloggers.


Top brands on Instagram like Forever 21 utilize strategies to garner more engagement with their material, such as featuring the clothing on people, since photos with faces receive an average of 38 percent more likes than photos without. This tendency is consistent with the community of beauty brands on Instagram, and international cosmetics retailer Sigma Beauty reported that their fans were 5 times more likely to click on makeup on a person as opposed to an image of the product alone.

Keep in mind that portraying certain types of image attributes attract Instagram users more than others — Curalate found that within the ecommerce environment, photos edited with the filters Valencia, Rise, and X-Pro II receive the highest revenue per impression.

Enable Convenient Buying

On Instagram, inspiration is quickly converted into desire, and customers need to be able to act on that desire as quickly and easily as possible. It’s in the best interest of brands to maximize the convenience of purchasing their products, to make Instagram marketing more profitable.

Looking again at Forever 21, we can see that the label’s method of inspiring followers to engage with their product has produced incredible results, but another Instagram trick they utilize is a clickable ad unit — the brand is seeing an 80% click through-rate from their Instagram posts to product pages. Once the customers are directed onto the site, they view 19% more pages and spend 24% more time on the site than the average mobile user. Clickable ads entice customers to take action with messages like “Learn More” or “Shop Now,” and once clicked direct the customer to the product’s web page. By making it easy for customers to navigate from their Instagram content to their website to checkout, Forever 21 has made it as simple as possible for fans to buy their clothes. Your company’s goal should be similar — inspire your customers, let them act on the impulse of desire, and watch your website’s traffic and sales skyrocket.


Don’t Limit Content to Instagram

Once you’ve created content that inspires customers to purchase from your brand via Instagram, you can continue to utilize popular advertising by cross-promoting on different social platforms. For example, a fitness retailer that works with Curalate experienced 6 times more on-site engagement after including Instagram content in emails. Similarly, Sigma Beauty found customers spending 4 times longer browsing their site after they incorporated Instagram photos into their website. 

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