Disregarding millennials in your marketing scheme is a massive oversight that will have immediate repercussions for your company.

These consequences will become clear as quickly as in a few months – while the 2014 workplace was comprised of 50% baby boomers and 25% millennials, those percentages were reversed within one year. Today, in 2015, the majority of America’s workforce is in their 20’s, and with 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, the millennial takeover is guaranteed to accelerate (source).

The millennials are a generation that has grown alongside advances in technology. Far from being intimidated by the complexities of the Internet and smartphones, like baby boomers often are, millennials’ lifestyles are defined by social connection on a colossal scale and technologies that are tailored to individuals. As far as millennials are concerned, sub-par web and social media usage is just as bad as no Internet usage at all.

To get the attention of this elusive, influential 71-million strong generation, you need to know exactly what millennials value, and how to apply these ideals to your marketing strategy.


When designing your marketing plan, remember that the newest generation in the workforce values:

1. Instantaneousness

Baby boomers witnessed the very beginnings of Internet processing, and therefore may not prioritize immediate response over content or product quality. But when it comes to millennials, a lagging website or delayed responses on social media is more than enough to turn them away from your brand permanently.

Millennials view Internet content, process the information, react through likes and comments, share the content with their friends, and proceed to the next subject in a matter of seconds. Speed is critical to this generation – neglecting to prioritize the immediate response of your website or social media is detrimental to your brand’s success in today’s modern workforce.

2. Individuality

Don’t let your company lose its individuality in an attempt to market to a wide range of consumers! Conformity means nothing to millennials, who instead value creativity, uniqueness, and authenticity.

In order to appeal to this priority, ensure that your company’s website and social media display are completely genuine, instead of attempting to imitate other, widely successful web presences. Channel creativity to let your online presence reflect your brand’s unique message and individual values, and you’re sure to elicit a more enthusiastic response. In short, tell your unique story, and tell it like a real person, to inspire millennials to join your cause.


3. Interaction

Millennials have become accustomed to an Internet universe that is tailored to their individual experience. They want to be able to interact with brands, to engage with companies through social media platforms and advertising. When someone shares your company’s material, make sure to acknowledge every brand mention and show of support with a like, a comment, or a retweet.

Constructing relationships with individuals over social media will lead to brand loyalty, and from there peer-to-peer recommendations will expand your consumer base.

Millennials are a source of unlimited energy and influence, and they are ready and willing to support your cause and purchase your products. In order to encourage these young trailblazers to advocate for your brand, however, your online presence must be current, innovative, and open to change.