Although the new Instagram Direct Message received little attention upon its release in 2013, this feature could be a fresh and innovative way to market to your customers. Exploring Direct Message, which is largely ignored by two-thirds of Instagram users, could give your company an advantage when it comes to connecting with followers.

What is Direct Message? This brand-new feature allows you to send images directly to followers, making a much more substantial impact than your images in their feed that can might get scrolled past. This feature has the capability to compete with Snapchat in terms of private image messaging, but the images don’t disappear within ten seconds, allowing users to revisit messages again and again. Direct Message also enables Instagram users to forward images directly to their friends – so if they like your graphic or advertisement, they can send it along to people they know will also enjoy it, immediately developing your customer base.

4 Ways to take advantage of direct message.


  1. Let your customers know they’re valued

Identify your most loyal and profitable customer base by analyzing your Instagram data to pinpoint users who follow your page and like your posts. You can do this simply by examining your recent posts in depth, and noticing patterns in your likes and comments.

Once you have identified the followers that bring the most attention to your brand, let them know that they’re appreciated with a DM that you’ve customized for them. Making this message personal, and ensuring that it doesn’t look like spam sent to hundreds of people, gives you an opportunity to make a more human connection with your most important followers.

  1. Connect with influencers

Don’t you wish there was a way to get noticed by influencers you would love to feature in your blog? If these influencers don’t know your brand, an email sent to them might not get you very far.

Following these influencers on Instagram and sending an individualized Direct Message is a significantly more personal way to share your visual content. Once you’ve followed them, check out their posts for a couple days. If you see something that’s relevant to your brand, send them a DM about it!

  1. Get some genuine feedback

Create lists of followers and take advantage of Instagram Direct’s feature enabling you to send a message to up to 15 people at once! In this group message, every response is visible to each member of the group, giving you an opportunity to get individual feedback from your top followers. This is a great way to gauge customer’s reactions to a new product or campaign before it launches, or get reviews on your preexisting services. 


  1. Find new followers

Direct Message can also be used to effectively make connections with new followers who might already be interested in your industry. Using the search option on Instagram, investigate who is using similar hashtags or talking about products like yours. Establish a connection with these users by following them and interacting with their upcoming posts, and then send a DM containing a link to your latest blog post or an article relevant to your industry. DM is an easy way to create new leads for potential followers and customers, as well as enabling your company to constantly grow and move forward.


Photo Credit: The Verge