By 2019, Instagram users will make up more than one-third of the American population. Incorporating Instagram into your company’s marketing strategy will give you a chance to communicate directly to over 4 in 10 Internet users. It’s time for your brand to start taking Instagram seriously, and these ten compelling usage statistics will show you why.

Your company needs to get serious about Instagram, because Instagram…

  1. …has immense sharing potential.

Users have shared over 30 billion photos with Instagram, and users now share 70 million photos per day. With the rapid increase in the platform’s popularity, the speed at which Instagram users share content is accelerating every day. This creates the potential for your company’s content to be seen and shared more quickly than ever before, to a user base of incredible (and increasing) size.

  1. …has shown rapid user base growth.

As of September 22, Instagram has accumulated a massive user base of 400 million active monthly users – an increase of 100 million users since December of 2014. Instagram has created a constantly growing consumer base with no signs of slowing down soon, and social media marketers should take advantage.

  1. …has international influence.

By 2017, Instagram will have an audience of 111.6 million Americans, but its reach is not restricted by borders. 70% of users are located outside of the U.S., so your brand can reach American consumers, while also making contact with potential customers based all over the world.

  1. …is popular with millennials.

If you want to communicate with the next generation of buyers, Instagram is the place to be. In Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report, American teens identified Instagram as the most important social media platform, at 32%.


This makes Instagram a vital part of your company’s future marketing strategy, since millennials are currently dominating the workforce and hold buying power of approximately $1.2 billion.

  1. …produces staggering engagement rates.

The per-follower engagement rates of top brands are 58 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook, and 120 times higher than on Twitter. With Instagram, your company is presented with a customer base that is already enthusiastic about sharing content — all you have to do is provide a message to spread. These rates are sure to increase as the platform gains popularity, as average engagement per Insagram post has increased 416% in the last two years.

  1. …is where fashion found success.

Fashion companies immediately recognized Instagram as a marketing goldmine, and turned to the popular platform to sell clothes. 96% of all US fashion brands use Instagram to market their products. Fashion brands found the Instagram audience more willing to engage with images of their clothing and beauty products, and brands like Urban Outfitters have created posts that reflect their brand’s style.


  1. …produces increased ad recall.

The posts that Instagram sponsors garner almost three times more ad recall than the normal rates for online advertising. Ad recall demonstrates how well a customer remembers an advertisement after a period of time, and Nielsen’s global campaigns found that ad recall on Instagram was 2.9 times higher than norms for online advertising. This means that on Instagram, not only will more people see and interact with your material, but more people will remember it.

  1. …is approved by marketers.

52% of marketers plan to increase their Instagram usage in 2015, up from 42% in 2014. The business community has recognized the potential that Instagram holds, and companies are reevaluating the platforms that should be prioritized for marketing.

  1. …can be individualized for better results.

Make your content stand out from the crowd by personalizing it with your location, hashtags, and tagging other users. Hashtags not only make your content easier to find, but boost user interaction – posts with at least one hashtag garner 12.6% more engagement. Instagram posts tagged with a location receive user engagement that is 79% higher than posts without, so let your customers know where you are! Besides garnering engagement, tagging posts with locations encourages local users to interact with your material. Make sure to tag some of your top customers, employees, or other companies, as including another user handle in your photo’s caption results in 56% more engagement with your post. Individualizing your content to fit your audience will result in significantly higher rates of user engagement, so spend some time to realize the full potential of your post.


  1. …produces remarkable revenues. 

Instagram will bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenues worldwide this year, and $2.81 billion by 2017. Instagram has found massive success as a mobile-first social network, and their mobile ads produce self-evident results. Since Instagram has opened up their advertising to regular brands, when before it was limited to big name brands, your company has an incredible opportunity to be a part of the growth in mobile ad revenues.